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Welcome to my colourful World!!

This is my little space where I write posts when I make something special or have an experience to mention about.

I am a professional Tanjore Artist and I specialize in the Thanjavur style of painting, miniatures and Ganjifa Art. You can find all my work in the SHOP section of this site.

I am a certified art instructor and a practitioner of art based therapy. You can check out the section LEARN to learn about art from me. This is where I list down upcoming sessions and workshops.

On my blog, you will find all My Art Musings which also includes Indian tribal art from Warli, Madhubani, Gond, Saura, Kerala Mural to the other set of fine art like Charcoal, Indian ink, Coffee art, Glass painting and even portraiture.

Look around to see the beauty of colours and indulge in some fun Art and Craft Projects with me by reading up Over a Hundred Craft Ideas on my blog.

I also have a lot of offer in the field of ART and you can look up posts in that which will definitely interest you.

I am available to connect with on various social media platforms!! You can hop over, follow and share your thoughts and work with me!!

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