It was back then in the years 2002 to 2005 that I actually went for drawing classes where I learnt the basics of drawing, pencil shading, Symmetric and asymmetric designs, colours and painting, and portraiture. That is when I got that strong foundation for my drawing skills which got better with each day by practice later on.

Mr. Kishore Mavinkurve was my drawing teacher. A talented artist who spent the initial days of his career in Bombay where he painted a number of movie posters, taught art in schools and at home. He was amazing with colour pencils, pastels, charcoal, tattooing, water colours, poster colours, acrylic and oil portraits. I have seen him working on a number of oil portrait orders back then in class.

And well then I lost touch as I went on pursuing my higher education.. And years later!! Almost after 13 years.. today, I was able to connect with Mr. and Mrs. Mavinkurve! It felt really nice to meet the peaceful couple and hand them an invite for my marriage. And so happy were they to see how my work has grown over the years!! đŸ™‚

with Mr. and Mrs. Mavinkurve

It feels great to have a piece painted by him.. which was given as a gift to me today. Something that i will preserve and cherish forever!! Well whatever little I put on paper today.. I feel really thankful to have this teacher.. who generously shared his knowledge with a novice like me!!


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