I have been a lucky recipient of a small packet of goodies from my favourite craft store Itsy Bitsy! I got a few products to work with, make something beautiful out of the products and write a review on those.

My bag of happiness had a set of chipboard feathers and a new product: Itsy Bitsy Pigment Stamp Pad.

Read on to know how i put these together with my crazy purchases from the store for a Mixed Media on Canvas.

Mixed Media is working with a variety of mediums on and surface. It could be paints, pastels, wood cutouts, polymer clay, etc. Putting a variety of elements together using different suitable techniques is Mixed Media. There is nothing fancy with the title “Mixed Media”, its just expressing or putting onto canvas whatever comes across your mind. Art is anyhow a method of expression and like they say “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”.


  • Mont Marte canvas board
  • Acrylic paints
  • Sheet from the colour yoga book- Geometry
  • Wooden letters
  • Chip Board feathers
  • Itsy Bitsy Pigment Stamp Pad
  • Camel Drawing Inks
  • Handcrafted Dream Catcher
  • Wooden blocks
  • Beads
  • Jute chord
  • Mod podge
  • Picture varnish for acrylic

The above materials are all available at Itsy Bitsy.


  1. I created textures on the canvas using different acrylic paints. Its wonderful to see how beautifully the colors blend.new-doc-6_1
  2. Used cut outs from the Itsy Bitsy Colour yoga books. I have an obsession for this product from Itsy Bitsy and somehow find a place for it in anything that I set out to do.The circular cutouts somehow resembles the skeleton of the Dream Catcher. Stuck these onto the canvas.new-doc-6_6
  3. Used Camel Drawing inks to stain the Dream Catcher cutouts.new-doc-6_8
  4. Dyed my handcrafted dream catcher, chipboard feathers and wooden letters with black acrylic paints.new-doc-6_4
  5. While giving time to the other elements to dry, I went on to play with the stamp pad. Stamped beautiful pearl blue prints all over the canvas using wooden blocks. The pigment stamp pads work well on paper and canvas and the pearl blue is a lovely colour.new-doc-6_11
  6. Got down to sticking all the elements onto the canvas in the arrangement that I desired. Used a few beads and a small length of jute chord.new-doc-6_13
  7. A layer of Mod podge and picture varnish seals the paint.

The 3 words “DREAM, CREATE and INSPIRE” have always fascinated me. With a fancy for Dream Catchers, I thought why not use one on canvas. And I sat down to make this piece for my craft room. What better day than Teacher’s day to start with DIY posts that I have been wanting to start since ages.


Keep crafting. Happy crafting!

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