Sankranthi/pongal is round the corner!! And when its a long weekend, its great to sit down with family to make something special for the festival!


This is my first blog post this year and the first set of DIYs as a Content expert for Hobby Ideas! So, when I got down to write these posts for Hobby Ideas, I thought it would be great to work around Sankranthi.

I painted a traditional rice sieve with a fusion of Warli and Madhubani which is known as Madhu-Warli.

Warli is an art from from Maharashtra where Sankranthi is celebrated in a great way! An Madhubani is an artform thats very close to nature! What better way to express the joy of this harvest season with two Warla tribals dancing under a Madhubani tree!


This one has been done using Fevicryl Acrylic paints on canvas which has then been glued onto the rice sieve. For a detailed step wise DIY tutorial, please read my post on the Hobby Ideas website:


To read more about Warli, you can check out one of my posts:

And it’s not done just with the Rice Sieve DIY!

Down South, especially in Tamil Nadu, Tamilians make Sweet and Khara Pongal in Matkas for this festival. How about painting some chai matkas to serve hot chai with a Pongal Dish?


Here’s how I painted miniature matkas.. Pots for Pongal!!

Or even better.. go ahead and paint a huge matka to serve your Pongal! After all its not just the taste, but also the presentation that needs to be appealing.
Happy Pongal!!


Article for HOBBY IDEAS


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