I put together eggsamples of painting on eggs. Because, Easter is approaching and its time to sit down and make some eggsellent colorful stuff!!


I picked up half a dozen of eggs from the shop, washed them clean, boiled them (by adding a pinch of salt while doing so), then allowed them to cool down so that its easy for me to hold them while painting.

A better suggestion would be to use edible food colour to make these painted Easter Eggs.

If you wish to work on the egg only for decorative purpose then you can drain out the yolk by making a small hole at one end of the egg. This must be done very carefully.

You can paint on plastic or wooden eggs to make a themed piece for aesthetic purposes. These techniques can be replicated on any surface, including pebbles.

I ended up working on 6 varieties of paintings on the eggs.



Start off by washing the eggs carefully and then boiling them. Once boiled, allow the eggs to cool down and then start painting.

These painting techniques can be replicated on any surface such as fabric, canvas, pebbles, glass, etc.


One of the simplest techniques of decorating an Easter egg is by using fabric markers. Just use your imagination and doodle away!!

The random technique of putting down on a surface whatever comes to your mind. This could be spontaneous repetitive patterns and is termed Doodling. I have used Fabric pens to doodle on the surface of the egg to make a DOODLE EGG.


Wood comes in a variety of colours and textures. The beautiful grains of veneers can be replicated with Fevicryl Acrylic Colours by using the method of “Wood Finish”. Using a couple of shades of brown, I could make this WOODEN EGG.

First paint the egg with a base coat of Fevicryl Acrylic paint: Burnt Sienna. Allow this to dry. Then, add a little Fevicryl Acrylic paint: Black to Fevicryl Acrylic paint: Burnt Sienna to get a Dark Brown color. Use this paint to get a wooden/veneer finish on the surface of the egg.


Gradation in art is a visual technique of gradually transitioning from one shade to another. The technique of marbling by randomly blending and allowing colors to play on a surface, creates a marbled effect. It’s fun to roll an egg over colours and make a MARBLED EGG.

Pour out Fevicryl Acrylic paints of your choice onto a flat surface. Roll the egg over these paints and allow it to dry.


The concept of Galaxy Effect is a step further from the technique of gradation which usually results in a monochromatic colour scheme. Shading with multiple colours and blending them into each other creates amazing effects on a surface. There’s a GALAXY EGG too!!

Paint the entire egg using Fevicryl Acrylic paint: Black. Allow this to dry.Use Fevicryl Acrylic paints of your choice to randomly color the surface the egg. Allow this to dry. Fevicryl Acrylic paint: Pearl colors of your choice to further paint the surface of the egg. Allow this to dry.Lightly brush Fevicryl 3D cone outliner: Glitter silver to complete the Galaxy effect.


A simple technique of dipping and Dyeing a surface/ portion of an article results in a half and half effect. Its easy to dip an egg into some colour to achieve a HALF-AND-HALF EGG.

Paint the entire egg using Fevicryl Acrylic paint of your choice. Allow this to dry. Squeeze out some glitter color of your choice from a Fevicryl 3D outliner cone. Dip a part of the egg into this glitter color. Allow it to dry. Use Fabric Glue to decorate the egg with a ribbon.


Creation of textures using Fevicryl Fabric Glue, followed by painting and giving an antique finish. Read on to know how I made the ANTIQUE EGG.

Give a texture to the egg using the squiggling technique with Fevicryl Fabric Glue. Allow this to dry. Paint over this texture using Fevicryl Acrylic paint: Black. Allow this to dry. Using your index finger, gently rub Fevicryl Acrylic paint: Pearl Metallic Gold onto the surface to give it an antique finish.


This DIY was designed for Hobby Ideas during my stint with them as a Content Expert.

Hobby Ideas is the creative wing of Pidilite Industries and is a leading Brand that promotes Art and Craft as a hobby.


  • Keep away from heat and flame.
  • Recommended usage of the products by children under parental guidance.
  • Please note that these painted eggs are perishable.
  • The paint is not edible.

Happy Crafting!!

Happy Easter!!


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