The festive season has begun and I am back with a couple of colorful DIYs to beautify your living space, make gifts and add a personal touch to give away gifts this festive season.

This post is all about simple Mandalas. Mandalas are circular patterns or figures which represent the universe and its harmony. Mandalas are meditative!!

I picked up a fabric which had  circular Mandala patterns on it. I decided to work on these, add a dash of color and use it in my projects. So, I first prepared these colorful Mandalas using Fevicryl 3D outliner cones.


And I made 3 set of projects using these! These projects are perfect for any festivities!! Just make any of these and gift away!!



To make the festive bottles, I did a fabric decoupage on a set of 5 glass bottles. Decoupage of colored fabrics onto glass bottles is done by gluing fabric pieces and enhancing the article by adding finishing touches with paints.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I used the technique of doing an applique work on a fabric pouch. Ornamental pouches such as these can be used to gift chocolates or even mobile phones!!



I made these Gift Potlis also by the applique method.

You can hop onto the Hobby Ideas site to read on about how is made these Gift potlis.

Potli Gift Bags For Eid


What are your festive projects? If you make any of these, do leave a comment!!


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