Quick Christmas Decor with Crackle Medium

Christmas is round the corner and its that time of the year when you sit indoors in the comfort and the warmth of your home and wonder what all you can get down to do. Here are two Christmas projects using Little Birdie’s Crackle Medium, which can be done in a jiffy!!

Little Birdie’s Crackle Medium is a transparent medium which causes the paint that is applied on top of it to crack while drying. This gives the painted surface a cracked or aged or distressed appearance.

To start off with, I used a wooden photo frame. After applying a layer of Little Birdie’s Chalk paint: Tattered Lace, I left it out to dry for a couple of minutes.

New Doc 2017-12-03_4

I then applied a layer of Little Birdie’s Crackle Medium onto the painted surface of the frame. Once the Crackle Medium turned tacky( which takes about 15 – 20 mins), I applied Mont Marte Acrylic Colors: Sap Green and Cherry Red. I left this out to dry. On drying, the top coats of Sap Green and Cherry Red were left with a cracked finish because of the Crackle Medium beneath it.

New Doc 2017-12-03_5

I then used a Palette Knife to paint small hollies to beautify the frame.

New Doc 2017-12-06_1_20171207174351239

While waiting for the hollies to dry,  I sprinkled a bit of Little Birdie’s Twinkle Melange: Silver Stars onto the paint to add a little sparkle to the photo frame.

I then started off with my second Christmas Decor accessory- a small tealight holder. I picked up a small glass and made sure the surface of the glass was clean before I started working on it. Following a similar procedure:

  • I wanted to retain the transparency of the glass for light to pass through so, instead of applying a base color, I directly applied Little Birdie’s Crackle Medium onto the glass.
  • After waiting for the Crackle Medium to turn tacky, I applied Little Birdie’s Chalk Paint: Tattered Lace onto the glass. On drying, the glass had a cracked effect because of the Crackle Medium that I used.
  • Using a palette knife again, I painted a holly using Mont Marte Acrylic Colours: Cherry Red and Sap Green. I made sure to sprinkle Little Birdie’s Twinkle Melange: Silver Stars onto this too to add the glittery magic.

New Doc 2017-12-06_3

Here’s how I paired the two to add some magic to a corner of my living room.20171206202151_IMG_2086_20171207171946838

And here’s the list of materials(click over the images to know more about the products) that I used to make these two projects:

Wooden photo Frame

Crackle Medium

Chalk Paint

Dimension Acrylic Paints

Palette Knife

Twinkle Melange

What are you planning to make to pep up your space? Do share your projects with me and do let me know how you liked what I made.



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