It’s a DIY weekend for most this time!! With Christmas just after the weekend, its time for a lot of crafting!! Here’s a cute little festive DIY to make Shaker elements to adorn your Christmas Tree.

I used Circular stitched Dies and cut out circles using my Die Cut Machine.

  • I used the biggest circular die to Cut the Base of the shaker, the background and the transparent Polyvinyl sheet.
  • Using the bigger and a smaller Circular Die, which I placed as concentric circles, I cut out a circular frame.New Doc 2017-12-12_1You can use and colour card stock for these cutouts. I suck to gold and cream to make the shaker look festive.

I punched a small hole on the base circle of the shaker.

New Doc 2017-12-12_2

I then stuck the background onto the base of the shaker. I also stuck the vinyl sheet onto the back of the shaker frame.

New Doc 2017-12-12_3

I used double-sided tape to create a sort of boundary around the base of the shaker element.

New Doc 2017-12-12_4

I then stuck a small sticker of a ginger bread man onto the background of the shaker.

New Doc 2017-12-12_5

I then added the sequins into the shaker base.

New Doc 2017-12-12_6

After peeling off the other covering of the double-sided tape, I placed the frame firmly onto the shaker base. I then Used a Leaf shape die to cut out leaves from foam sheet and cut out a few cherries from a burlap sheet and placed them onto the shaker frame.

New Doc 2017-12-12_7

I then enhanced the design using a few embossed paints.

New Doc 2017-12-12_8

After attaching a small ribbon to the shaker element, I decided I am done with my piece.


You can make shaker charms and embellishments using cutting dies of various shapes such as rectangles, square, triangles and stars!!

You can also make shaker elements and cards even if you don’t own a cutting tool, by just cutting out shapes using a sharp scalpel/ paper knife. Here’s a quick Shaker Card DIY without using Cutting tools.

What are your craft plans for Christmas? Do let me know in the comments section below. I love to hear from you!! Happy Holidays and a Cheerful Christmas!!

To know more about a Die cutting machine and cutting dies, you can read my article on the Dream Cut Machine.

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