Of all the things that God ever created, they say that the best one for a child is it’s Mother, and the best one for a Mother is her children. And of all the day’s ever created, Mother’s Day happens to be the best one too- A day to celebrate love in it’s purest form ever. Motherhood comes with own perks, where after spending 24 x 7 doing all the chores that you can for the little bub, you need to keep the kid entertained and engaged with something.

Making a card for Mother’s Day seems to be just the right activity to bond with your little one. A mother could make it for her child, or sit with the child and make one together. Or for all the lovely children out there, how wonderful would it be to design a simple card to bring a smile on your favorite lady’s face.


Here’s a quick video tutorial to make this simply wonderful card for Mother’s Day.


  • Chart Paper/ Handmade Paper
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Round Brushes; Nos: 1, 5, 10

You could also go about picking up supplies for this from my QUICK STORE

How did you light up your Mother’s Day?

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