Summers are those days when you need to stay indoors, away from the scorching sun. And go out and about and sing ” We had joy, We had fun, We had seasons in the sun”. But, with increased temperatures, you don’t really go out and about. Do you?

So, on a sunny day, when you are indoors, you can sit down and craft something which you could probably put to good use when you are out and about!! How cool is that!!

Here’s one uber cool DIY for summer!!You can decorate your hat with these colourful fabric flowers to make a cool accessory for summer.


  1. Apply Fevicol to the back side of white and green satin cloth to make it stiff. Leave this to dry overnight. Draw the outline of petals onto the white satin cloth by using a paper stencil.New Doc 2017-04-11 (1)_1
  2. Cut out these petals.New Doc 2017-04-11 (1)_2
  3. Cut out leaves from the green satin cloth.New Doc 2017-04-11 (1)_3
  4. Use Fevicryl Soft Acrylic colours of your choice to dye the petals. Use a brush to paint these petals.New Doc 2017-04-11 (1)_4
  5. Use Fevicryl cone outliners of your choice to give the outline for the petals.New Doc 2017-04-11 (1)_5
  6. Use Fevicryl Fabric glue to stick the petals in such a way to make a flower.New Doc 2017-04-11 (1)_6
  7. You can further enhance the flowers by using Fevicryl 3D glitter to work on the pollens at the centre.New Doc 2017-04-11 (1)_7
  8. Use Fevicryl Fabric Glue to stick the leaves and flowers onto a hat.New Doc 2017-04-11 (1)_8



Your Summer hat is ready to be flaunted this season!


  • Fevicryl Fabric Colours
  • Fervicol
  • Glitter Cones
  • Fabric Glue

You can pick up all Fabric painting related materials from my Quick Store

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