“A home runs on love, laughter and lots of strong coffee.”
The smell of coffee reminds people of home!!

Coffee art developed accidentally when an artist accidentally spilt coffee on his canvas. It was then that he realized that it would be a great medium to work with.
A popular beverage with intoxicating aroma which is a stimulant in itself, is presently a favorite pick to make sepia paintings.
For artists, coffee turns out to be a very versatile medium that helps with variations in tones, and the depth of the colour with its dark and rich hues is somehow fascinating.
Coffee art can be done on both paper and canvas. The decoction is generally used to achieve a watercolor effect. Coffee when mixed with PVA glue can be used to paint on canvas. Coffee ground with chicory gives a 3D effect of sorts.

1. Canvas Board
2. 3D cone outliner: Burnt Sienna/Brown
3. Glue
4. Acrylic Paint: White
5. Acrylic Paint: Burnt Sienna/ Brown
6. Round Brush #5
7. Pencil
8. Yellow Carbon Sheet
9. Design sheet
10. Instant Coffee Powder
11. Spray Varnish
12. Varnish

These can be picked up from a Quick Store for Coffee Painting Supplies

1. Trace a design of your choice onto the canvas using carbon sheet.


2. Work on the outline of the design by using 3D cone outliner: Burnt Sienna. Allow this to dry.

New Doc 29_3

3. Make coffee paint by mixing a portion of coffee powder and fabric glue. For a darker shade, you can increase the amount of coffee powder in the mixture. For a lighter shade, add a little water to the mixture.
Work on the canvas and fill up the design by using this mixture/paint. Allow this to dry.


4. For the design that I have selected which is that of a snowy evening, I have sprayed Acrylic white paint using a tooth brush to give the effect of snow.


5. Spray a coat of varnish followed by applying a coat of varnish to seal the paint.


6. For other shades, you can try a combination of the following:
Acrylic White and coffee powder with glue
Acrylic Brown and coffee powder with glue
Acrylic Black and coffee powder with glue

Sharing a small write-up from Deccan Herald, where my work was featured during International coffee day a couple of years ago.


Here’s a quick process video(in Kannada) of how you can paint with coffee on canvas

How did you like working with this delicious medium. Do let me know in the comments below.

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