It’s Thoughtful Thursday!! Let’s sit down and think of what we are doing, what we have gained, how far have we actually run the rat race and how tired are we, knowing that there is no finish line! How much do we deserve a getaway, some time to ourselves to relax and rejuvenate.


It takes a simple activity to kick start what could be a wonderful art journey. Take a blank sheet of paper and indulge in a 2 minute activity to fill it up with some random lines and designs.

Here are a few questions after this activity that you need to have answers for:

  • What is it that crossed your mind in the last couple of minutes?
  • What were the thoughts that crossed your mind while working on the random patterns?

How many of you relate to drawing random things on paper while on a phone call, busy in a conversation, while in a meeting or during a group discussion of sorts with a client or even during an important lecture during your college days?

“Art is a way of Exprerssion”

Our random doodles, sketches and even our handwriting apparently reflect what is in our mind.


Have you ever noticed how children write beautifully at the beginning of an assignment and end up with illegible words at the end of it? So is the case with even exam answer sheets.

Even the colours selected while colouring/ painting, express various moods/stress levels. This has been taken up as a study on the secrets and depths of the human mind and thus came up Art Therapy.

Art Therapy is a way of relaxation and rejuvenation by expressing/destressing by means of art. In today’s world where there is so much of stress, tension, competition at work, rat-race through the traffic, sounds, noise, etc., we just need a way to detoxify our mind. So, relax, breathe and take it easy. Anything that is reiterative, repetitive, continuous and monotonous, sets our minds at ease.


There are Adult Colouring Books too which aid in meditative relief. Colour-Yoga and Zentangling have picked up and are being worked on by many. There are a couple of my favorite books that you can check out: ADULT COLORING BOOKS AND ART THERAPY

You really need not keep pace with what’s trending in the market. It just takes a small 10 minute activity before you sign-off from your daily work- keep a small notebook and fill in a page each day: with random/spontaneous doodles. This will do the trick to help you relax!!


Keep calm and Carry on!!

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