Hello There!!

Its Shantha Prabhu! I am back to kick-start my second innings with Itsy Bitsy with my first post. It feels so wonderful to be back here and to do some art and craft (after about a 2 year break). It also feels great to be a part of the esteemed Design Team.

Creating artwork somehow makes you understand your inner self and fall in love with yourself. That is what the popular Korean Band, BTS is also talking about. They speak about self confidence, expressing yourself and loving yourself for what you are and what you have become, with all your flaws, strengths and experiences. Like every other BTS fan, my sister loves to have their collectibles and wanted to make a board for her room. So, we got around making this piece.

How to make the board:

Select a plain MDF name board. After making sure that the surface is clean, apply a coat of Chalk Paint: Charcoal and allow it to dry. Spray paint chalk paint: Snow White to get a Galaxy Effect. 

Use stencils of your choice to create an effect by sponge-dabbing your favorite colours from the wide range of Little Birdie Chalk Paint shades.

Sketch down the words “LOVE YOURSELF” on the board using a pencil. Apply a thin layer of leafing size onto the letters using a thin brush. Allow this to settle for about 15 minutes until the leafing adhesive turns tacky. Use your choice of colour of imitation leaf and paste it onto the letters by gently dabbing the leaf onto the sized letters, using a tissue. Brush off the excess leaf. You can also use a chipboard of your choice and gild that too.

Use different colours from the variety of Pearl Drops, to work on the detailing or outlines if any. Here the band has been outlined done using Pearl Drops. 

The feathers too have been done using Pearl Drops of different colours.


Allow the painted portion to dry for a couple of hours and then varnish the board using a spray varnish.


And that’s how we made this BTS Fan Board.

If you loved how our project turned out, and want to make one too, hop onto my AMAZON STORE and pick up all the materials required to make this!!


  • Wooden Decorable Plaque
  • Chalk Paints
  • Stencil
  • Mont Marte Leafing size
  • Mont Marte Imitation Leaf
  • Little Birdie Pearl Drops



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