Acrylic pour painting is a therapeutic painting technique that involves pouring of a variety of colours of Acrylic paints to create a combination of random patterns and structures that look appealing.

The technique works on the principle of immiscible liquids where the different paints or colours would be of different density and thus wouldn’t mix into each other.

With Independence Day just round the corner, I was tempted to try the Indian Tricolour with this technique and I went for Saffron, white and green: I used Salsa Orange in place of Saffron, Rainforest in place of Green, and White chalk paint as it is very viscous and I just wanted to try another product in this technique.


  • Acrylic paints
  • Pouring Medium
  • Silicone Oil
  • Canvas
  • Cups and spatula


To start of with, you need to take different colour paints into different cups and add equal quantity of pouring medium with a few drops of Silicone oil.

  • The pouring medium makes the paint a little viscous than its actual nature and prevents the blending of two  colours.
  • Silicone oil helps achieve a cellular structure(i.e: boxes) and you can choose to skip using this also.

You can directly pour the paints onto the canvas, pour them into a single cup and then onto the canvas, etc. Basically you can try all possible permutations and combinations and believe me, you will never be able to repeat a design!!

Here’s a video on my Tricolor Pour Painting project:

Sharing pictures of a couple of other Pouring Paint projects:

A wall clock with the Pour Painting technique. I have used Yellow, Green and Blue for this piece.

And another square canvas done with another set of 3 colours:

Dont you just love the way the colours have played into each other?

Here’s a sneak-peek on how fun it is when you indulge into something like this!! For more details, hop onto my channel for the fun video.


Jai Hind!!


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