Home is where the he’ART’ is

Hello everyone!! It’s been a week now that we have all been indoors and we have another 3 weeks to go!! The best thing to do right now is to stay indoors, stay safe and look at the brighter side of things!!

You could look within and see if there are any regions for self improvement, work on something that you’ve always wanted to do, start a new hobby, read a new book, binge on a web series that you’ve always been wanting to watch, clean your house or even finish pending work that you have always wanted to take up. Don’t forget to count your blessings and pray for others who really need it now.

Today I will be sharing a name board that I had completed for Itsy Bitsy while I was working as part of their Design Team. I never really got serious about updating my blog and it has always been an on-and-off process. So when the lock-down was announced, I thought it’s the best time to concentrate on documenting all my DIYs to share with all of you. So here goes!!


Itsy Bitsy has these new shades of Chalk Paints that were launched recently and I wanted to make this piece so that I could try out 5 of their shades in one project. So I got this pinewood base and used 5 shades to apply the base coat.


I then got my font onto the board using Carbon Paper.


I went ahead and painted the font using Black Chalk Paint.


I had also picked up a miniature bird house while I was shopping at their store. I painted that too using a few shades of chalk paint.


I then glued the Bird House onto the board, used a few buttons to embellish the name board.


After that I used 5 shades of the Metallic Waxes to add some tint and shade to the board.


This is how it turned out!!


I know a lot of you may not have the supplies to make this. You could probably make something by using this as inspiration or even ping me what you have and I can guide you to make something out of what you have at home. And for those who wouldn’t want to try any art at home, you can enjoy the visuals on my blog and ponder over “HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS”.

Please stay Home and stay Safe!!

Love and Light,


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