It’s great fun playing along various blog challenges and today the Prompt at The Happymomentzz Blog is Paper Quilling!!

So I will be sharing a blog post thay I had written for the Hobby Ideas Website a couple of years back, on how to embellish a wooden tissue box using Paper Quills.

Here’s how I made the box:

Prime the base of the tissue box using Fevicryl Acrylic White. Allow this to dry.

Apply a base coat of Fevicryl Acrylic Lemon Yellow to the entire tissue box. Allow this to dry.

Use a stencil of your choice, and a sponge to dab Fevicryl Acrylic paint- Yellow Ochre on the surface of the tissue box. Allow this to dry.

Quill shapes of your choice in a variety of colours.

Arrange the quilled shapes to make a flower arrangement. You can use Fevicol to stick the quilled shapes. Allow this to dry.

You can additionally varnish the piece to protect your work

Here’s a what I used for the above project:

Wooden Tissue box, Fevicryl Sunflower Kit, Paper Quilling Strips, Stencils, Sponge, Fine Art Brushes, Fevicol MR General Purpose.

This is how it turned out..

Do let me know if you try something with Quilling.

Love and Light,



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