While playing along the Craft Challenge at the HAPPYMOMENTZZ blog, I decided to blog about another craft that I had designed for Hobby Ideas. This is a fabric pouch that is made using simple Origami folding techniques. I have further worked to make it a marine theme fabric pencil holder using simple folding techniques, glue and complete it with a technique of painting on fabric using glass colors.


Apply Fevicol on the back side of satin cloth and leave it overnight to make it stiff. You can also use thick cotton fabric to make the pencil pouch.

Cut organdy fabric and the stiff satin cloth into squares. Both the fabrics have to be of the same size and need to be big enough squares to make the pencil holder.

Stick the organdy fabric onto the satin fabric using glue. Allow this to dry. Now if you are using a thick fabric like denim, you can skip the above steps.

Fold the square fabric to make a triangle as in the image.

Further fold the corners of the triangle to give it the shape of an envelope. Refer to the image.

The top flap of this envelope has two layers of fabric. The inner layer can be folded and tucked into the envelope. Please refer to the image.

Use any of the side triangles of the envelope to fold it into a small diamond which will help to close the flap of the envelope. Refer to the image.

Use Fevicol to stick all the folds together, except for the top flap. Allow this to dry.

Stick a small piece of Velcro. This will help you to close and open the pencil holder. Allow this to dry. The base of your pencil holder is ready.

On the main side of the pencil holder, trace a simple design of a fish using carbon paper.

Paint or fill the entire design using Acrylic Pearl metallic silver paint. Allow this to dry.

Sketch the outline for the fish using 3D outliner cone- Pearl Silver. Allow this to dry.

Use Fevicryl Glass colours to paint only those sections of the cloth that have already been painted with Acrylic Pearl metallic silver paint. The idea of using Acrylic Pearl metallic silver paint is to block or clog the pores in the fabric so that glass colours can be used over it. Allow this to dry.

You can further enhance design on the pencil holder by using 3D glitter cone: Glitter blue. Allow this to dry.

And the pouch is ready!!

These are the materials that I used to make this pouch:

Fevicol MR, Fine Art Round Brush, Fevicryl Acrylic Colour Pearl Metallic Silver, Fevicryl 3D Outliner Cone – Pearl Silver, Fevicryl Glass colours Water Based, White Satin Fabric, Blue Organdy Fabric, Scissor, Velcro, Carbon sheet

Hope you liked this DIY. Do let me know if you try making this one. I would love to hear from you.

Happy Crafting!!


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