It’s the end of another academic year and the end of a set of worn out shoes. But, here’s a quick activity of painting and beautifying shoes that kids will enjoy. This is again a DIY from my archives, I had designed this for Hobby Ideas when I was working with them.

This is how you do the Galaxy Painting:

Thoroughly clean the surface of the shoes.

Start working on the shoes by using random colors of your choice from the Fevicryl Lilac Kit. Apply these colors using a round brush. Allow this to dry.

Use colors of your choice from the Fevicryl Pearl Kit to paint small planets or make swirls on the surface of the shoe. Allow this to dry.

Use a tooth brush to spray Fevicryl Acrylic white paint on to the surface of the shoe to give the effect of stars. Allow this to dry.

Apply a thin coat of varnish to seal your work.

This is how it turned out!!

Also sharing a list of materials that I used for this:

Fevicryl Lilac Kit, Fevicryl Pearl Kit, Fine Art Round Brush No.10, A pair of shoes,Tooth Brush, Varnish

If in case you wish to see a video tutorial of the same, you can check out my YouTube channel:

Do let me know how you liked this painting technique and share your art-ventures with me.



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