Have some old comic books lying around? 💭
Use your favourite cartoons and make this incredible Superhero Lamp using the technique of Image Transfer.

Let your creativity shine through with this super fun super hero lamp!!

Image Transfer is the technique of transferring images onto a particular surface by the use of a craft glue. What you need to do is apply a generous amount of craft glue onto the craft surface, place the image print facedown. Once dry, rub off the paper to expose the image.

Here’s what all you will need for the image transfer technique:

To understand in detail on how to work on this project, hop over to watch one of my FevicreaTV episodes:

Here are a few PRO-TIPS to keep in mind while working on image transfer:

  1. Use a laser printout of the image that you wish to transfer.
  2. If it is a name, reverse the image so that you get a mirror image in your printout. Once the image transfer is done, the name would be reversed on the craft surface.
  3. Use a generous amount of craft glue.
  4. Be patient and allow good drying time.
  5. Seal your project with craft glue.

This is how the Super-Hero Lamp turns out!!

Isn’t it amazing!!

If you do try this out, Do share your creations with me!!

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