What is the one song that instantly brightens up your mood and makes you want to tap your feet? For me, it’s the Happy Song from Despicable Me.

Come let’s create that magic with a Minion Mug Hug to personalise your favorite mug by giving it a makeover by selecting your favorite cartoon character. All you need is an old cloth bag and some simple craft supplies to make this uber-cool mug holder.


AGE GROUP: 5 yrs and above (Parental Guidance advised)


The following products are required for this DIY. You can click over these names below to know more about the products.


Here are some quick steps to get you through making this!!

Cut the foam to the size of the length of the mug. Make sure to leave a small gap at the top and at the bottom of about 5 cm to allow space to sip and place the mug on a flat surface.

Cut the cloth bag and fold it around the foam. Glue the edges using Fevicol A+ so that the foam gets wrapped and sandwiched well inside the cloth.

Use Fevicol A+ to stick the Velcro at the ends.

Cut a piece of foam to the size of the mug.

Cut two circular pieces out of the other fabric to make the coaster. One circle needs to be cut exactly to the shape, and the other one slightly bigger so that you can cut flaps to fold over the foam and tuck it in well to make a coaster. Glue the pieces together using Fevicol A+.

Cut Fabric to make accessories for the minion mug hug.

Stick this fabric using Fevicol A+.

Here’s a full video from my live session to make the Minion Mug-Hug.

And here’s how the mug hug turns out!!


This DIY was designed for Fevi Create during my stint with them as a Content Expert.

Fevi Create is the creative wing of Pidilite Industries and is a leading Craft Brand that promotes Art and Craft as a hobby among kids.


  • Keep away from heat and flame.
  • Recommended usage of the products by children under parental guidance.

Creative crafts and involvement of children into making something also helps in getting them into inculcating good habits. Some fun activity like this could also make the difficult task of getting them to drink milk, a little more interesting. What do you think?

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