Simple Decoupage on a Box

Because the best gifts are handmade ones and the best ones have beautiful packaging!
Here’s how you can decoupage a wooden box to serve the purpose of an ornamental wedding gift box which can also be used as a jewelry box.


The quickest and easiest way to Decoupage.. This is with a couple of tips and tricks to avoid using expensive craft material such as Primer and mod podge.
Just work with the wonder glue “FABRIC GLUE” which is definitely present in every crafter’s stash

Apply a base of primer to the entire surface area of the wooden box. This includes the insides and all edges of the wooden box. To make the primer paste, mix Fevicol and Fevicryl Acrylic white paint in the ratio 1:1. Mix this paste thoroughly and use this paste as the primer. Allow this to dry for a couple of hours.


Cut the decoupage papers according to the shapes and size of the wedding gift box that need to be covered.


For this Wedding Jewellery Box, I have used Decoupage sheets with Pansy Flowers on it. There are lovely quote about flowers written on it which will add to the beauty of the Jewellery Box.

Stick the decoupage paper onto those edges using Fabric Glue. Use the flat brush to apply Fabric Glue evenly onto the edges while sticking the decoupage paper. Allow to dry for a few minutes.


Sand and smoothen the edges out in such a way that there is no visible gap between the decoupage paper and the wooden surface of the box.


Paint the inside and outer base surface using Lemon Yellow with Fine Art Brush. Allow this to dry. The best way to work further with this box is to patiently do the finishing of the insides so that the lid doesn’t stick to the base of the box


Once the inside portion of the Wedding Jewelry Box is dry, apply a layer of Fabric Glue using the Flat brush. The Fabric glue works as a protective layer and prevents the acrylic paint from peeling off. Allow this to dry for a couple of minutes. Once the inside portion of the Wedding gift box becomes dry, spray acrylic varnish to the entire area inside the gift box. Allow this to dry for a couple of hours. Once dry you can freely work with the outer portion of the gift box.

By now the outer surface of the wedding gift box is nicely dry and ready for some texturing work to be done it. Quickly work on small portions of the outer part of the jewelry gift box by applying Acrylic Burnt Sienna. Apply the Burnt Sienna over the Lemon Yellow base coat, place the plastic sheet on the painted portion when wet and immediately take off the plastic. This creates a distressed texture on the surface. Work on all the four sides of the box using this texturing technique.


Create textures on the corners of the wedding gift box by squiggling some fabric glue onto the required portion. Allow this to dry for a couple of minutes.




The fabric glue turns transparent while drying, and once dry, paint this portion with Acrylic black paint. Allow this to dry for a couple of minutes.


With a dry flat brush, lightly brush some acrylic pearl metallic gold paint onto the black. This creates an antique finish.


Once the entire box is dry from the outside, apply fabric glue using flat brush on the entire outer surface of the gift box. Allow this to dry.


Varnish the Wedding Gift box.


  • Wooden Box
  • Decoupage Design Papers
  • Paint Brushes
  • Fevicol
  • Fabric Glue
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Sand Paper
  • Acrylic Spray Varnish

To purchase materials for Decoupage, you can check out the list of products that I have used on MY AMAZON STOREFRONT by clicking on the below image.

What is your take on the simple technique of decoupage? have you tried any decoupage projects? Do share your creations with me!! I would love to have a look.

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