Simple Home Decor with Stone Texture Paste

Hello everyone!!

I have just ventured into mixed media and I love to try out different products just to see how they work. Little Birdie’s Stone Texture Paste and the metallic waxes were in my bucket list since a long time. Here’s what I made using these.

See how you can make a simple table decor piece with Stone Texture Paste…

I took a simple circular MDF base and applied the Stone Texture Paste: Graphite Dust with the help of a stencil.

I used a combination of metallic waxes to add tinted metallic shades to the project. This is the most enjoyable part of the project where you can play with these buttery waxes and also enjoy their beautiful smell.

I then added some chipboard, which I again colored with the metallic wax.  Then added some lovely flowers to complete the piece.


Hope you liked my simple project and would want to try making something using these lovely products!!



  • MDF Base
  • Stone Texture Paste
  • Metallic Wax
  • Chipboard
  • Handmade flowers

The entire list of products can be purchased on the ITSY BITSY store

What do you think about simple and beautiful projects like these?

Do let me know!!

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