Last minute preparations for gatherings during the festive season is great fun. Here’s a quick DIY to add some colour to bottles!! Using this technique, you can enhance the look of wine and juice bottles to add in some merry cheer for festivities.


Clean the surface of the bottle thoroughly.

It is always better to prime to start of with a bottle painting project, by applying a primer onto the bottle surface. The primer helps paint to firmly adhere to the surface of the bottle. Use a sponge even to apply the primer.

Using a sponge, dab Fevicryl Acrylic colour black all over the bottle. Allow this to dry.

Using a brush and Fevicryl Acrylic colour White, paint trees and a house. The trees can be painted by just dabbing the paint with the brush.

Spray some Fevicryl Acrylic colour white to create a snowy night. Allow this to dry.

Apply a layer of Fabric glue to seal your work.

You can further varnish the bottle to preserve your work.


  1. Fevicryl Acrylic colour- Black, White
  2. Fine art round brush
  3. Sponge
  4. Fevicryl 3D Glitter Silver
  5. Fabric Glue
  6. Bottle
  7. Varnish

You can find all the products that I have used for this Bottle Art on MY AMAZON STOREFRONT.


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