A toast for great occasions gets even more pepped up when there is an artistic touch to it especially when personalizing things has become the new fancy. In this DIY two wine glasses have been decorated for the Bride and Groom using just a handful of products.


Clean the surface of the wine glasses thoroughly.

Paint the base of the wine glasses with Fevicryl acrylic paints- black and white. Allow this to dry for a couple of minutes.

Use Fevicryl outliners black and white to work on the wine glasses. Allow this to dry for some time.

Use fabric glue to stick embellishments where required on the surface of the wine glasses. I have used half pearls for this project.

Use the satin ribbons to make bows for the wine glasses. The wine glass with work in the colour black is for the groom and be decorated further with a tuxedo bow. The wine glass worked on with white will have a feminine touch with the white ribbon


Here’s a list of materials that I used for this DIY.

  • Fevicryl Acrylic paint- Black and White
  • Fine Art round brush
  • Fevicryl cone outliner- black and white
  • Fabric glue
  • Embellishments
  • two wine glasses
  • Satin ribbons- black and white

All of these materials are available in my collection at MY AMAZON STORE.

I also think this could be a great DIY for Christmas and teamed it up with a Christmas Themed Bottle that I painted. You might want to try out the CHRISTMAS BOTTLE DIY.

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