When you have friends coming over for your Halloween party, here are a few Halloween decoration ideas for you to set up your home or you could sit down to make some quirky stuff as return gifts. If you have a few mason jars or jam bottles, upcycle them into pieces of art for Halloween décor, use them for spooky jar cakes, give away chocolates or even use the painted mason jars as lanterns.


Use the Fevicryl soft acrylic colours to paint the bottle. I started off with lemon yellow, gradually moved into orange and then crimson. You could also use blues and greens to work on the colour of the sky. Allow this to dry for a couple of minutes.

Use Acrylic black to paint silhouettes of your favorite Halloween figures such a tree, a spooky house, a witch, a few owls, etc. White can be used to highlight a few areas in the painting such as the moon, windows, etc. Allow this to dry.

Use fabric glue to seal the paint. Once dry, you can apply a coat of varnish.


  1. Mason jar/glass bottle
  2. Fevicryl Soft Acrylic paints- Lemon Yellow, Orange, Crimson, White and Black.
  3. Fine art brushes
  4. Glass bottle or Jar
  5. LED light/candle(Optional)
  6. Fevicryl Fabric glue/modge podge
  7. Varnish

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This video was designed for Hobby Ideas during my stint with them as a Content Expert.
Hobby Ideas is the creative wing of Pidilite Industries and is a leading Brand that promotes Art and Craft as a hobby.


  • Keep away from heat and flame.
  • Recommended usage of the products by children under parental guidance.

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