Art can help children discover individual emotions and these feelings can be part of what art actually means. In older children, activities such as drawing/painting from imagination, or portraying a dream or a wish helps foster creativity, memory and imagination and also helps children to learn to relate and to express. Drawing and painting from observation are clearly an enhancement of learning skills.

Art skills and activities can be classified into:

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Printing


Children can be encouraged to draw or scribble or just put on paper whatever comes to their mind. Scribbling, Doodling, Colouring help to de-tangle, de-stress and helps increase focus and span of concentration. These activities help in exercising little fingers and help improve fine motor skills and gain command over their pincer grasp which goes a long way in developing good handwriting.


Activities such as painting help increase problem solving and motor skills. Fine work such as holding the brush, using wet paints, water helps them analyze and decide how to go about doing things.

Painting activities such as Finger painting is part of sensory play which allows children to learn and feel textures and substances.


Children are very receptive and learn to identify very quickly. Printing helps children analyze shapes, sizes and observe things around them with a different perspective. block printing or printing with vegetable cut-outs is a very good way to do printing activities.


  • It is advisable to do all the activities once your child has stopped mouthing things around them.
  • All activities require adult supervision as children are not completely capable to do such activities independently.
  • It is very essential to thoroughly clean and wash the hands after an art or craft activity. This also involves cleaning residue inside the nails. It is best to keep the nails trimmed if you get your child involved in painting or clay moulding activities on a regular basis.


You could invest in a good set of kid-friendly art and craft supplies to get your child to explore the creative world. Check out my List of Art and Craft Supplies for Toddlers.

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