Making art or craft or anything out of your passion at home requires a lot of time, effort and sincerity and ofcourse a lot of hardwork. With most of the tings going online, people having their own pages, blogs, whatsapp channels to broadcast what the do, it become increasingly important to project your work well to your virtual audience. The best way to do so is by taking very good images of the product that you have to sell.

Photography is a vast subject that requires a lot of skill and a creative eye. Hiring a very good photographer could be a challenge to budding businesses and freelancers. Knowledge of photo editing is a bigger exploration and even more overwhelming. So what do you do if you wish to start off with taking photographs on your own?

Push yourself to practice, make errors and learn the art of basic photography for yourself. You don’t need any fancy gadgets or classes to start small!! Here are a few things that I keep in mind while working with my photography!!


Whenever you wish to photograph your products look for a bright and well lit space. Taking photographs in broad daylight is the best option to get good colour and contrasts for your photographs. Relying on natural sunlight helps you get the best images especially those from 8am to 10am and those from 4pm to 5pm.

Avoid taking photos indoors or in dark dhingy rooms at home. if you are however taking photos indoors, do it next to a window or in a brightly lit up space. It is also important to avoid taking photographs under a bulb or a tubelight.

When you a taking images you need to also make sure that the light fall on the object from the front(or from the angle that you are photographing) and not from behind it. This helps you get brighter images of our product. Well, you need to also make sure that you don’t cast your own shadow on your product.

You could also check for focus or ring light to take brighter photographs indoors.

Purchase Link: LED Ring Light


Create your own makeshift studio space with a couple of good bases and backgrounds. this could be something that you can carry around if you wish to photograph outdoors.

Light colours, especially white reflect light to the fullest and is the best background for your images. Darker spaces tend to absorb more light and result in a darker photograph.

I find sun boards very useful to use as backgrounds for my products while taking photographs.

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Every photograph is a painting by itself. You need to make your photograph very interesting by adding beautiful props and accessories next to your product.

This not only adds interest and character to your photograph, but also makes it visually appealing and also give the viewer a fair idea about the size of the product by visual comparison and also an idea about its functionality.

You can check out a variety of miniatures and cute stuff to use as accessories at THE ITSY BITY STORE.


One needs to have a very good photography device. This could be a good camera like a DSLR.

I have a basic Canon DSLR camera which is very user friendly and great for shooting small product photographs.

Purchase Link for Canon DSLR Camera: Canon EOS 1500D

You could also invest in a good smartphone.

There are a good number of smartphones that are available at good prices today and its worth investing in these to help you not only photograph you product, but also edit those on your phone itself and upload it on social media.

I swear by Samsung phones and I use a Samsung Note 10 Lite which is very budget friendly and has all the features of the Note Series, especially the S pen. The phone also has a lot of features which are perfect for the use of artists.

Purchase Link: Samsung Note 10 Lite


A phone stand or a camera stand is a good investment that can help you mount your device while shooting videos and reel. The usage of a stand also reduces the shake or vibration of the device when you click pictures, thereby giving you a very sharp image of your product.

Nowadays, you also get stands with a blue-tooth feature which helps you take photographs with the help of a small remote device that has a button. With such stands or holders, you need not touch your device and helps avoid even minimal vibrations while taking pictures.

Purchase Link: Mobilife Selfie Stick


Simple apps like Google Snapseed and Pixlr are perfect for minimal and basic photo-editing like cropping, brightness, exposure and to add watermarks.

But you would also need to keep in mind that a photograph that is taken with the best use of photography skills and that which requires very minimal editing looks the best.

So, here’s wishing you all luck with your photography and captures!! If there is anything that you have tried or anything that you would want to know about from my stash, do let me know in the comments section below!!

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