Vaastu is a traditional science of architecture that has its roots in the ancient culture of India. Ancient Vaastu Shastra is a means of channelising positive energy that flows into a house to bring in good vibes and positivity in the overall atmosphere of a dwelling.

A Seven Horses Painting is considered to be one of great importance in the science of Vaastu. The Horse being a very majestic animal signifies strength and power and is believed to attract positivity in the house.


I made this painting based on the requirements of my client, Mr. Ganesh Nagvekar and Mrs. Saumyashree Nagvekar for the living room of their recently renovated house.

The painting has the 7 horses slightly embossed onto a canvas that is mounted onto a 6mm waterproof plywood. The medium of the painting is a strong and Vastu-friendly combination of canvas and wood and I have avoided choosing paper as a medium for the painting. The textured painting was completed with the use of premium quality Acrylic Paints.

  • TITLE: Vaastu Seven Horses
  • MEDIUM: Acrylic paints on Canvas
  • TYPE: Texture Acrylic Canvas Painting
  • SIZE: 2 X 3 ft


  • The painting has seven majestic white horses running against a beautiful backdrop of the rising sun. Painted with a golden gleam of the rich hues and tones of the Sun, this painting exuberates warmth which would just brighten up the space around it.
  • The Seven Majestic Horses signify power, courage and strength and are believed to bring in good fortune and luck.
  • The number 7 is considered to be very auspicious if you consider a lot of facts from ancient Hindu Texts. The odd number 7 is believed to be very lucky as per a lot of traditions and beliefs.
  • The backdrop of the rising sun is considered to be very auspicious and assures rise and stability in all financial and monetary aspects.


  • The Painting has been framed with a cool blue frame for a beautiful colour balance in contrast to the warmth of the painting.
  • The painting can be styled and used to beautify any living space. But as per Vaastu guidelines, it is advised to have this painting hanging in the South in order to invite success in all personal and professional aspects of life.
  • Teamed with the warm interiors of the house, the painting stands beautifully on a plain white background and beautifies the living room where it is placed.

It is quite important to surround ourselves with positive vibes in order to lead a happy and prosperous life. Getting a Seven Horse painting and placing it as per Vastu rules helps to bring positivity to your life and wealth to your business. I am not a Vaastu expert. but, I guess a painting being a focal point and one that grasps the attention of all, can brighten up your house and can freshen up your mind. And the vaastu of a positive mind which can house good thoughts is all that we need to keep us going.

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