Fevicryl Specialist

With no formal education in the field of Art, I jumped into the Fevicryl Bandwagon in the year 2015. As part of their process, I took up a lot of extensive and hands-on training in art, craft, marketing and also worked on field to understand the entire consumer dynamics.

I had the privlege of being trained by the very celebrated artist Mrs. Shyla Prasad in the initial days after which I was taken on board an art instructor.

Being the youngest Art Instructor on board, I managed to handle the highest number of workshops in Karnataka for a number of Fashion Design, Interior Design and Architecture students at premier institutes like NIFT, Vogue Institute of Fashion, Dreamzone and JD Institute.

I was subsequently promoted to the role of a Fevicryl Expert when I got to take up sessions for Corporate Employees and Art Teachers.

I was finally promoted to the role of a Fevicryl Certified Specialist in a span of just 3 years and got to handle a lot of inhouse training sessions and monitor workshops for the south zone(India).

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