The painting is a miniature in the Thanjavur Style of Painting. The painting is made on quality archival paper using premium synthetic Gold Leaf.

TITLE: Kaaliya Mardhanam Krishna

SIZE: 21 x 15 cm

The painting comes with an authenticity certificate signed by the artist.


From the various Leelas of little Krishna, is one episode of Krishna subduing a snake. This particular painting is based on this story of Lord Krishna.

Kashyapa, the grand son of Brahma begot of His wife Kadru, powerful Naagas like Shesha, Iravata, Takshaka, Karkotaka, Maninaga, Purananaga, etc. Of these Kaaliya was one serpent who possessed one thousand heads. Kaaliya took his abode in Kalindi (Yamuna). Owing to his virulent poison, the waters of the river became poisonous and the trees on its banks dried up.

Once when Krishna and his friends the Gopalas came to the banks of the river grazing their cows, the Gopalas drank water from the Yamuna and fell down dead. Krishna jumped into the river from the top of a tree and danced upon the hoods of Kaaliya who had rushed to attack him, Kaaliya was subdued. Krishna sent Kaaliya along with his family to Ramanaka island.

In the painting you can see the blue waters of Yamuna, aquatic beings, a tree on the banks. The subdued Kaaliya and Lord Krishna with a placid look on His face.

Generally, it is subsequent to this episode that Krishna is represented in a bluish tint, due the effect of poison.

Which is your favourite from the Leelas of Lord Krishna?

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