The painting is a Thanjavur Painting of Lord Veera Venkatesh accompanied by His consorts ShreeDevi and BhooDevi.

TITLE: Lord Veera Venkatesh with consorts ShreeDevi and BhooDevi

SIZE: 24 x 18 inches

The painting was customized on order for  Mrs. Archana Prabhu and Mr. Avinash Prabhu’s beautiful house. It has been made on a handmade Tanjore canvas, and is gemset and gilded with authentic 22ct gold leaf. The painting has been mounted in a pure teak wooden frame.

All that glitters is gold in this painting which bears minute details and intricacy in depicting the deities, the Mandapam, the Yaazhis, the accessories and the attire.


Panchaloha Idol of Lord Veera Venkatesh accompanied by consorts ShreeDevi and BhooDevi
Panchaloha Idol of Lord Veera Venkatesh accompanied by consorts ShreeDevi and BhooDevi


Lord Veera Venkatesh is the presiding deity of the Shri Venkatramana Temple Mangalore. Lord Veera Venkatesh is a manifestation of the Supreme Lord Vishnu.

There are many stories and folklore pertaining to how the idol was obtained and you can read up those by checking the links in the references section of this post. But, I would like to mention a few facts and distinctive features of the idol which have been noted to the very detail in my painting of the Lord.

The Idol is a Panchaloha Idol and a Vaishnava deity which bears a striking resemblance to the idols that were worshipped in the Vijayanagara Kingdom.

The Idol of Lord Veera Venkatesh has a sword appended to the right waist which is actually the reason for the prefix “Veera” in the title of the Lord.

Only the Idol of Lord Veera Venkatesh was obtained initially. The Goddesses ShreeDevi and BhooDevi were later consecrated on either side.

The glorification of Lord Vishnu can be found in the Purusha Suktam.



Goddess ShreeDevi is Goddess Lakshmi herself. The Goddess was born out of the ocean during the episode of the Samudra Manthan and she chose and garlanded Lord Vishnu as her husband. The Goddess symbolizes prosperity and the spiritual knowledge that a human must seek. The Goddess is always to the right of the Lord as She is very dear to Him and because He cannot live without Her by His side. The main feature that distinguishes Goddess ShreeDevi from the rest is Her golden Chest Band. The glorification of the goddess can be found in the Sri Suktam.


Goddess Bhoodevi is a manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi and is a personification of Mother Earth. Mythology says that once, Lord Vishnu took the form of a Wild Boar and rescued Goddess Bhoodevi from the Demon Hiranyaksha. In order to ensure the safety and respect of Mother Earth, Lord Vishnu married Goddess Bhoodevi in His Varaaha Avatar. The Goddess symbolizes the material world that we live in, the one that nourishes us and gives us an opportunity to seek spiritual goals in this life. The Goddess is a reflection of Goddess ShreeDevi but, is always clad in green. The glorification of the Goddess can be found in the Bhoo Suktam.


The significance of the painting of the triumvirate is that we being blessed to be born as human beings in the womb of BhooDevi should seek the spiritual ShreeDevi in this Materialistic World which is the only path to attain Moksha at the lotus feet of Lord Vishnu.




  • I would like to thank Mrs. Archana Prabhu and Mr. Avinash Prabhu for their keen interest in my work and for the order. I would also want to mention my gratitude to their effort in penning down the essential details and also sourcing the frame that has added to the magnificence of the painting.
  • Reference image is a photograph by ace photographer Manju Neereshwallya, Studio XL, Mangalore.
  • I am very grateful to see my painting featured on the official community page of Shri Venkatramana Temple, Mangalore: Link To Post

For enquiries and orders, you can drop me a mail on artistshanthaprabhu@gmail.com

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