Halloween is all about tricks and creativity.. and here’s a quick tutorial on getting your crafty fingers to mould a spooky clay eyeball to go with your Halloween costume.

I have always been a great Harry Potter fan since childhood. and this DIY is inspired from the character “Alaster Moody” from the Harry Potter series. This one’s for a Halloween One-Eyed monster who can strap the eye to the face by using a band, use it as an accessory around the neck or even wear it on the wrist. How about making “mad-eye cuff links”?



Fevicryl Shilpkar is an air-drying clay which comes as two different entities- resin and hardener. You’ve got to mix and knead the resin and hardener well to get the clay which you can play with to create shapes of your choice. Once mixed, you would have about 20 minutes of working time. We start off by making a small ball which is the basic shape of the eyeball and put in an eye-pin which will allow you to fasten the eye to your costume. Let this dry for about half an hour.

Use Fevicryl Glass Outliner from the Fevicry Glass Colours kit to sketch the pupil and the outline of the Iris. Let this dry for a couple of minutes.

Select any Glass colour of your choice from the Fevicryl Glass Colours kit and fill it into the Iris.

Use Fevicryl Acrylic colour- White to paint the base of the eyeball and then use Fevicryl Acrylic colour- Crimson to paint the other details.

And here’s the reveal!!


Fevicryl Shilpkar, Fevicryl water based glass colours kit, Fevicryl acrylic colours- crimson and white, Fine art brush(medium), Eye-pin/hook.

All of these materials can be purchased on MY AMAZON STOREFRONT



This DIY was designed for as part of their creative content during my stint as a Content Expert in the Organisation.


The activity enlisted here has been practically executed and documented. Though I encourage art and craft in children and adults alike, I am not responsible for any damage or untoward incident if anyone wishes to recreate the piece. I advise complete parental supervision for children who wish to make this.

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