When you look out for costumes to wear this Halloween, here’s a quick DIY using air-dry clay to make a Halloween accessory that can go with your Halloween themed outfit. This moulded Owl can also be fastened to a keychain, magnet and handed over as gifts.



Mix the Shilpkar well and knead it to make a round ball. Keep aside a small portion of the shilpkar for later use.

Flatten the Shilpkar. Using a stick make impressions in one portion of the circle.

Fold two opposite ends of the circle to form the wings of the owl.

Fold the top portion of the piece to form the head. At this stage, you can insert a pin/hook to use the owl as an accessory.

Make impressions to mark the eyes and the beak.

Use the remaining portion of the Shilpkar to make the feet of the owl.

Take a splash into the Fevicryl lilac kit to colour your owl.

I also have a short video clip which I shot while I made this:


Fevicryl Shilpkar, Fevicryl Fabric Glue, Fine Art Brush, Fevicryl Lilac kit, Eye pin, Talcum Powder.

All of these materials can be purchased on MY AMAZON STOREFRONT



This DIY was designed for http://www.hobbyideas.in as part of their creative content during my stint as a Content Expert in the Organisation.


The activity enlisted here has been practically executed and documented. Though I encourage art and craft in children and adults alike, I am not responsible for any damage or untoward incident if anyone wishes to recreate the piece. I advise complete parental supervision for children who wish to make this.

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