Tanjore paintings or Thanjavur Paintings are native to Thanjavur in TamilNadu- the cultural epicenter of South India where they are locally known as Palagai Padam meaning picture on a wooden plank. Tanjore paintings are part of the Karnataka style of painting that descended down from the Vijayanagara empire. Tanjore Paintings are closely associated with and interlinked to Hinduism, its lore, puranas and epics. The mainstay are Gods and Goddesses who were objects of worship from time immemorial.

Tanjore paintings are reflections of the procession of cultural traditions of India as enshrined in mythology, itihasa and our puranas. These paintings depict Gods and Goddesses from Hindu Mythology. Every painting is a composite structure with aspects of life as it was lived in ancient India as these are an encyclopedia of the art and culture of India in which we get glimpses of how great rulers of ancient India ruled and what traditions were observed by the people. The life of the great Indians of ancient times is the maxim on which the edifice of Indian traditions have been established and are still flourishing. The vedic percepts are reflected in these paintings in various forms that still continue to guide our pattern of life.


“I am a Tanjore Painting. I have been designed to please you. When you see me, your instinct of being attuned to culture, religion and social obligation is activated. In your subconscious you are part of the uninterrupted link of the finer elements of living transcribed in the social system. Like you, I am made of five elements. The wooden board or the base, the line drawn on the base, the line drawn on the base, the paint that is used to define and describe contours, the gems and the mind of the artist which permeates all these things and combines all these in creating a beautiful Tanjore painting.

I am happy to be an object of decoration and also representing an object of worship in the puja room. For I know that when you see me even casually I am to you an object of reverence and worship and I will like to remain so.”

~ Meena Muthaiah


The artworks are one-of-a-kind, authentic original artwork by artist Shantha Prabhu. All copyright and reproduction rights are reserved by the artist.

The paintings are completed on wooden boards with the use of vibrant colours and premium range of pure 22Ct gold leaf. The paintings are embellished with glass, pearls, precious and semi-precious stones.

Each painting is intricately made to the very detail using premium range of products:

  • Marine grade water-proof and termite-proof plywood
  • Premium quality Artist grade Gouache and Poster Paints
  • Semi-precious Jaipore Gemstones
  • Authentic 22ct premium quality Gold Leaf
  • Original Chettinad Teak Wood frame as per choice of customer

Each painting comes with and authenticity certificate, signed by the artist.


As with any indoor artwork, avoid exposure to direct sunlight and dampness. Dust with a lint-free cloth or vacuum lightly.

Regularly check for moisture, damp wall or seepages on the wall that adorns the painting to avoid spoilage of the painting.


The places that were meant for Tanjore Paintings in the earlier days were mandapams inside or adjacent to the temples, houses of the affluent and gardens with mandapams. The paintings were mainly used during occasions of Ram Navami or Krishna Ashtami and in processions in temples. Nowadays, Tanjore paintings are also displayed at the entrance of schools, corridors of public building and auditoriums, reception halls of hospitality centres and also in star hotels.


To have a look at all the paintings made so far, please click on the below link:


For any queries, enquiries and to place and order for a painting, drop in a mail:


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