This is a Thanjavur Painting of the trio Lord Ganesha with Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswathi on either side. TITLE: Vinayagar Lakshmi SaraswathiSIZE: 30 x 10 inchesSTATUS: Available/ for sale The painting has been made on a handmade Tanjore Board, gemset with semi precious jaipore stones and gilded with authentic 22ct gold leaf. The painting... Continue Reading →


Tanjore paintings or Thanjavur Paintings are native to Thanjavur in TamilNadu- the cultural epicenter of South India where they are locally known as Palagai Padam meaning picture on a wooden plank. Tanjore paintings are part of the Karnataka style of painting that descended down from the Vijayanagara empire. Tanjore Paintings are closely associated with and... Continue Reading →


I had managed to get a few silkworm cocoons a few years back (fortunately) and did not manage to click pictures of the moth that popped out of it (unfortunately). Well these were all discarded cocoons from a silk factory and most of the cocoons were already empty i.e: the little white moth had already... Continue Reading →


Screen Printing is an artform that dates back to centuries. A traditional method that is used to print multiple copies of a single design. WHERE HAVE I FOUND THE USE OF THIS TECHNIQUE? Back in my engineering days, during an internship at a circuit manufacturing company: Ascent Circuits, we were shown the process of screen... Continue Reading →


Easter Holidays always call for some simple holiday crafting for tiny tots. Here's a colourful way to spend some time crafting a lovely card for Easter wishes. CATEGORY: DIFFICULTY LEVEL: MediumAGE GROUP: 5 yrs and above (Parental Guidance advised) MATERIALS REQUIRED: CARD STOCK PENCIL PAPER CUTTER FEVICOL RANGEELA GLITTER PACK METHOD: On a plain card,... Continue Reading →


A wonderful way to recycle or upcycle clothes that may seem repetitive is to revamp it by painting it and giving it a new look. This is a technique that increases the shelf-life of wearables. CATEGORY: DIFFICULTY LEVEL: MediumAGE GROUP: 5 yrs and above (Parental Guidance advised) MATERIALS: FEVICRYL ACRYLIC PAINTS FINE ART FLAT BRUSH... Continue Reading →


Air dry clay is a wonderful material to work with and mould into these beautiful paperweights. The theme is aquatic life and these are perfect under the weight of which you can organize your table top. CATEGORY: DIFFICULTY LEVEL: HardAGE GROUP: 10 yrs and above (Parental Guidance advised) MATERIALS REQUIRED: SHILPKAR FEVICRYL ACRYLIC COLOURS FEVICRYL... Continue Reading →


Stay indoors this summer and indulge in something creative every day. Here’s a quick sun catcher which can add some color to your sunny balcony. CATEGORY: DIFFICULTY LEVEL: EasyAGE GROUP: 5 yrs and above (Parental Guidance advised) MATERIALS REQUIRED: ACRYLIC BASE FEVICRYL GLASS COLOURS METHOD: You can use and glass/fiber glass surface to make a... Continue Reading →

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