Hello Everyone!! I recently got the chance to announce the Blog Challenge for the Itsy Bitsy Blog and here's what I made for the announcement. With the launch of two wonderful new products from Little Birdie; The Pouring Paints and the Pouring Medium, which are not only wonderful to work with, but currently a rage... Continue Reading →


Acrylic pour painting is a therapeutic painting technique that involves pouring of a variety of colours of Acrylic paints to create a combination of random patterns and structures that look appealing. The technique works on the principle of immiscible liquids where the different paints or colours would be of different density and thus wouldn't mix... Continue Reading →


Ganjifa Cards were introduced to India with the Persian invasion around the 16th century. The game of Ganjifa was a simple cards game which was played with the most precious cards you can ever imagine. These cards were made either out of ivory or marble and were engrave, etched and laid with the most precious... Continue Reading →


Hello There!! Its Shantha Prabhu! I am back to kick-start my second innings with Itsy Bitsy with my first post. It feels so wonderful to be back here and to do some art and craft (after about a 2 year break). It also feels great to be a part of the esteemed Design Team. Creating... Continue Reading →


Down south in India, married women invite other married women home and offer a thamboolam to honour the women power/shakti/Goddess Durga, which they believe resides in every lady. To offer Thamboolam, one can paint these rice sieves and add a dash of colour to the Thambool. Traditional farming methods use the rice sieve to separate... Continue Reading →


How about adding your art, heart and soul by hand-painting traditional jootis for your sole? Here's how you can go about using the entire range of paints that adhere to fabric, to beautify sandals for a grand occasion. HOW TO PAINT A JOOTI: Paint the jootis with a base coat of Fevicryl Acrylic black paint.... Continue Reading →


It's Thoughtful Thursday!! Let's sit down and think of what we are doing, what we have gained, how far have we actually run the rat race and how tired are we, knowing that there is no finish line! How much do we deserve a getaway, some time to ourselves to relax and rejuvenate. It takes... Continue Reading →


“A home runs on love, laughter and lots of strong coffee.” The smell of coffee reminds people of home!! Coffee art developed accidentally when an artist accidentally spilt coffee on his canvas. It was then that he realized that it would be a great medium to work with. A popular beverage with intoxicating aroma which... Continue Reading →


With the commencement of the festive season, it's very common that you sit down to plan gifts for your near and dear ones. It's a wonderful feeling to make gifts and add a personal touch while giving away gifts.   Here are colorful potli bags with some applique work done on it.The design is simple Mandalas... Continue Reading →

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