True to its name, the Hasta Shilpa Heritage Village is a village that houses a collection of ancients structures, art, artifacts and antiquities that narrates a beautiful sort of story of the rich and extravagant heritage of our country India. The place is a one-of-a-kind open air display of a plethora of antiquities which when... Continue Reading →


The past few months I have been going around in Mangalore and have had the privilege of witnessing the Yakshagana. Yakshagana is a very vibrant performing art that hails from this side of Coastal Karnataka. The word Yakshagana is a coined term of words "Yaksh" meaning Demi-God and "Gana" meaning song and is a theatrical... Continue Reading →


India, a country known for its rich tradition, culture and heritage is also well known for its breath-takingly beautiful and picturesque landscapes. With varied climate zones and blend of land and water formations, the environment, nature and climate in different regions has influenced the lifestyle, living, habits, occupation and even beliefs of Indians. India is... Continue Reading →


Ganjifa Cards were introduced to India with the Persian invasion around the 16th century. The game of Ganjifa was a simple cards game which was played with the most precious cards you can ever imagine. These cards were made either out of ivory or marble and were engrave, etched and laid with the most precious... Continue Reading →


India has always been a land of colors with a plethora of art forms! Owing to the vast expanse of its land that covers or unites different tribes and cultures, India always has a lot to offer in the field of Art and Craft. Let's take a plunge into Indian art with my small tribute... Continue Reading →


GOND PAINTINGS - Zodiac Signs THE GONDS India is a land of myriad cultures and a variety of people. Around 10% of the population in India belong to the tribal groups. India follows Africa with about 250 tribal groups and has the largest population of Adivasis or indigenous people. The Gonds, the Santhals and the... Continue Reading →


A DOMESTIC RITUAL OF CEREMONIAL BEAUTIFICATION Abiding at the foot of the Western Ghat Range in Maharashtra, India, is the settlement of an ancient tribe known as the Warli.┬áThese are tribal people who survive on forest produce, worship nature and have earned an international name for themselves by virtue of their artistry. What originated as... Continue Reading →

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