Art to Cope with Cancer

The dreaded C needs no introduction. A simple scientific explanation would be that it is a disease where a couple of abnormal cells that are inside the body divide uncontrollably and destroy the remaining body tissues and slowly spread to other parts of the body and vital organs thereby making it difficult for the proper... Continue Reading →


Art can help children discover individual emotions and these feelings can be part of what art actually means. In older children, activities such as drawing/painting from imagination, or portraying a dream or a wish helps foster creativity, memory and imagination and also helps children to learn to relate and to express. Drawing and painting from... Continue Reading →


It's Thoughtful Thursday!! Let's sit down and think of what we are doing, what we have gained, how far have we actually run the rat race and how tired are we, knowing that there is no finish line! How much do we deserve a getaway, some time to ourselves to relax and rejuvenate. It takes... Continue Reading →

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