Making art or craft or anything out of your passion at home requires a lot of time, effort and sincerity and ofcourse a lot of hardwork. With most of the tings going online, people having their own pages, blogs, whatsapp channels to broadcast what the do, it become increasingly important to project your work well... Continue Reading →


This is the type that fairy tales are made of!! Take any jar or bottle that you have and make a nice Fairy House Jar out of it. For this project, I have used a Plastic Jar. This technique however works very well with large mason jars too!! METHOD: Select a jar which you wish... Continue Reading →


A toast for great occasions gets even more pepped up when there is an artistic touch to it especially when personalizing things has become the new fancy. In this DIY two wine glasses have been decorated for the Bride and Groom using just a handful of products. PAINTING THE GLASSES: Clean the surface of the... Continue Reading →


Last minute preparations for gatherings during the festive season is great fun. Here’s a quick DIY to add some colour to bottles!! Using this technique, you can enhance the look of wine and juice bottles to add in some merry cheer for festivities. HOW TO PAINT A BOTTLE Clean the surface of the bottle thoroughly.... Continue Reading →

Simple Decoupage on a Box

Because the best gifts are handmade ones and the best ones have beautiful packaging!Here’s how you can decoupage a wooden box to serve the purpose of an ornamental wedding gift box which can also be used as a jewelry box. The quickest and easiest way to Decoupage.. This is with a couple of tips and... Continue Reading →


Create a Minion Mug Hug and personalise your favorite mug by giving it a makeover by selecting your favorite cartoon character. All you need is an old cloth bag and some simple craft supplies to make this uber-cool mug holder. Here are some quick steps to get you through making this!! Cut the foam to... Continue Reading →


Have some old comic books lying around? Use your favourite cartoons and make this incredible Superhero Lamp using the technique of Image Transfer. Let your creativity shine through with this super fun super hero lamp!! Image Transfer is the technique of transferring images onto a particular surface by the use of a craft glue. What you... Continue Reading →

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