I had managed to get a few silkworm cocoons a few years back (fortunately) and did not manage to click pictures of the moth that popped out of it (unfortunately). Well these were all discarded cocoons from a silk factory and most of the cocoons were already empty i.e: the little white moth had already... Continue Reading →


I have been following prompts by other crafters in my circle and today I sat down to make taste safe play dough for my little one. This is in response to todays craft topic at the  HAPPYMOMENTZZ blog by Sharada Dilip Acharya who is a wondeful crafter and a dear friend. Its not very easy... Continue Reading →


Artist Trading Cards(ATC's) are miniature pieces of art, in the form of cards, which are generally exchanged in return for other ATC's. The concept was introduced by a Swiss artist M. Vänçi Stirnemann in 1997. Artist Trading cards are generally of size 2.5 x 3.5 inches. Any sort of medium or art form in portrait or... Continue Reading →


Gilding which is a term for "Gold Leaf Decoupage" is the art of covering a specific area using specially designed Gold Leaves. Gilding is an age old process which adds a beautiful dimension to paintings, leather, sculptures, glass, metal, picture frames and much more. The imitation leaf comes in a variety of metallic colours like... Continue Reading →

Mixed Media and Monsoons

Hello Everyone!! I am on a break from work and I have been taking it easy working indoors while its raining outside. What a weather to sit down and sip a hot coffee and work on things that I have always wanted to do!! I've organised my art and craft supplies and I thought of... Continue Reading →


Hello Everyone!! For a person who has always been called a "cuppy cake", loves cup cakes(splurges on sweets) and always dreams of getting back to shape by starting a couple of exercises but prefers to sit down in a corner and craft day in and day out!! Its really a wonder that people tend to... Continue Reading →


I recently got my first copy of the "Our Idea Book": India's Premier Art & Craft Magazine. The first issue of the Idea Book is a plethora of a variety of art and craft related articles, ideas, interviews with artists/crafters, activities , colour and fun. Its great to sit back with a cup of coffee and... Continue Reading →

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