Of all the things that God ever created, they say that the best one for a child is it's Mother, and the best one for a Mother is her children. And of all the day's ever created, Mother's Day happens to be the best one too- A day to celebrate love in it's purest form... Continue Reading →


  I always get these random thoughts and ideas. These keep popping up in my mind now and then and sometimes, by the time I get to implementing something, a few things in my to-do list would have totally evaporated from my memory. That's why I love it when I can get something done quick!!... Continue Reading →


It's a DIY weekend for most this time!! With Christmas just after the weekend, its time for a lot of crafting!! Here's a cute little festive DIY to make Shaker elements to adorn your Christmas Tree. I used Circular stitched Dies and cut out circles using my Die Cut Machine. I used the biggest circular... Continue Reading →


Bottles when painted and used as décor items, add a little charm to the corner where they are placed.Bottle Art is a vast subject and there are a lot of ways to decorate and paint these. TIPS FOR PAINTING ON BOTTLES: There are a couple of points one must keep in mind while painting on... Continue Reading →


The festive season has begun and I am back with a couple of colorful DIYs to beautify your living space, make gifts and add a personal touch to give away gifts this festive season. This post is all about simple Mandalas. Mandalas are circular patterns or figures which represent the universe and its harmony. Mandalas are... Continue Reading →


I put together eggsamples of painting on eggs for a DIY article on Hobby Ideas. Because Easter is approaching and its time to sit down and make some eggsellent colorful stuff!! I picked up half a dozen of eggs from the shop, washed them clean, boiled them (by adding a pinch of salt while doing... Continue Reading →


LOVE MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND!! There's so much of red and pink everywhere!! So much of warmth and Love!! Valentine's Day is round the corner and I am back with a lovely blog post on a few DIYs. These DIYs are not really restricted to Valentine's Day. You could celebrate love all year round... Continue Reading →


This month is all about Christmas!! And here's what I have been making by using all the beautiful stuff available on the Hobby Ideas website. Happiness arrived at my doorstep in the form of this beautiful package from Hobby Ideas. It was all that I had ordered for to work with. Beautiful set of Christmas charms,... Continue Reading →


Its that time of the year where a lot of preparation and brain storming goes into decor and working on accessories to go with the  glitz and glam of the Wedding season. Well, yes!! I have been working on a series of wedding ideas and DIYs for the hobby ideas website, to go with the wedding theme-... Continue Reading →

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