Craft Expert at FevicreaTV

After an year long maternity break, I got back to crafting for a new asset of the company Pidilite. This was my second innings as a craft expert, designing and working as the face of the brand for a concept called FevicreaTV., handling their live sessions week on week, each of which have garnered over... Continue Reading →

Hobby Ideas Content Expert

One of the first steps towards making it online with my craft DIYs was when I joined the Hobby Ideas team as a Content Expert in the year 2016, to design content for the initial days of the website. I have designed over 80 DIYs for the venture in a span of just 10 months!!... Continue Reading →

Fevicryl Specialist

With no formal education in the field of Art, I jumped into the Fevicryl Bandwagon in the year 2015. As part of their process, I took up a lot of extensive and hands-on training in art, craft, marketing and also worked on field to understand the entire consumer dynamics. I had the privlege of being... Continue Reading →

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