This is a Thanjavur Painting of the trio Lord Ganesha with Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswathi on either side. TITLE: Vinayagar Lakshmi SaraswathiSIZE: 30 x 10 inchesSTATUS: Available/ for sale The painting has been made on a handmade Tanjore Board, gemset with semi precious jaipore stones and gilded with authentic 22ct gold leaf. The painting... Continue Reading →


Tanjore paintings or Thanjavur Paintings are native to Thanjavur in TamilNadu- the cultural epicenter of South India where they are locally known as Palagai Padam meaning picture on a wooden plank. Tanjore paintings are part of the Karnataka style of painting that descended down from the Vijayanagara empire. Tanjore Paintings are closely associated with and... Continue Reading →


DETAILS OF THE PAINTING: The painting is a Thanjavur Painting of Lord Veera Venkatesh accompanied by His consorts ShreeDevi and BhooDevi. TITLE: Lord Veera Venkatesh with consorts ShreeDevi and BhooDevi SIZE: 24 x 18 inches The painting was customized on order for  Mrs. Archana Prabhu and Mr. Avinash Prabhu's beautiful house. It has been made... Continue Reading →


PAINTING DETAILS: The painting is a miniature in the Thanjavur Style of Painting. The painting is made on quality archival paper using premium synthetic Gold Leaf. TITLE: Kaaliya Mardhanam Krishna SIZE: 21 x 15 cm The painting comes with an authenticity certificate signed by the artist. STORY OF KAALIYA MARDHANA KRISHNA: From the various Leelas... Continue Reading →


PAINTING DETAILS: DEITY: Lord Damodhar , Zambolim SIZE: 10 X 8 inches The painting is a framed Thanjavur Painting of Lord Damodhar. The 2D Tanjore Painting has been gemset and gilded with pure 22ct Gold Leaf. Tanjore Painting is a traditional style of painting that is native to Thanjavur in Tamilnadu. It is an elaborate... Continue Reading →

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