Designer and Affiliate Artist for Itsy Bitsy

Its a Hattrick, while associating for the third time in a row with this brand that I love!! Do check out my 25 Itsy Bitsy Design Inspirations!!

Influencer for Good Knight Happy Crafting Family Moments

Working with Fevicreate gave me an opportunity to be an influencer for Good Knight, where I crafted around creating Happy family Moments!!

Craft Videos For Radio City Home Guide

I have been lucky to be a featured artist and to create some amazing content for Radio City, Kannada. Do check out my quick creations!!

Craft Expert at FevicreaTV

After an year long maternity break, I got back to crafting for a new asset of the company Pidilite. This was my second innings as a craft expert, designing and working as the face of the brand for a concept called FevicreaTV., handling their live sessions week on week, each of which have garnered over 30K views. Hop over to watch all of my FevicreaTV Episodes.

Amazon Influencer

After over 3 attempts, I finally made it to the list of Amazon Influencers and you can hop over to my Amazon Storefront to see what all I pick up to make my amazing work!!

Blogger Recognition Award: August 2017

Its very rewarding to be acknowledged by people of your own tribe. This was for a huge blogger chain of posts and pingbacks as part of a Blogger Recognition Exercise.

Itsy BItsy Crafter in Spotlight: August 2017

I have also had the privelege of being The Crafter in Spotlight in August 2017, for some of my DIY posts. Do check out 25 Itsy Bitsy Design Inspirations!!

Design Consultant and Content Expert for Hobby Ideas, 2017

One of the first steps towards making it online with my craft DIYs was when I joined the Hobby Ideas team as a Content Expert in the year 2016, to design content for the initial days of the website. I have designed over 80 DIYs for the venture in a span of just 10 months!! Do check out Over 80 Hobby Ideas!!

Craft Expert Panel for Windmill Festival 2020

While working with Fevicreate, I got to be one of the panelists for the Windmill Festival 2020. A lot of work has gone into creating a lot of content, sessions and webinars for the Online Virtual FunTown!!

Craft Associate at Premier Decorations

Premier Decorations hired me as their Chief Craft Associate in 2020. Crafting on a new base which is Styrofoam has been very challenging and very fruitful. Do check out my Premier Craft DIYs.

Influencer for Mc Donald’s India

Working with Fevicreate gave me an opportunity to be an influencer for one of my favourite fast food joints: Mc Donald’s!! This was fruitful association for 3 months and we crafted so much!!

Design Team Member for Itsy Bitsy

It’s very very rewarding to be selected as a designer for the biggest Art and Craft Store of India, for two times in a row. To check my creations during my stint as a designer, Do check out 25 Itsy Bitsy Design Inspirations!!

Designer Spotlight at Simon Says Stamp: ATC Challenge

Being mentioned by an International craft brand two times in a row is one of the most exciting things that has ever happened!! To know what I made, do check out My Simon Says Stamp Ideas!!

Designer Spotlight at Simon Says Stamp: Get In Shape Challenge

One of my first mentions by a brand in the International Market of Art and Craft!! I happened to be one of the Designer in Spotlight for an amazing DIY article.

Design Team Member for Itsy Bitsy August 2017

Itsy Bitsy has always been my favorite store to go to and I joined their Design Team for a 6 month contract in August 2017!! Do check out 25 Itsy Bitsy Design Inspirations!!

Fevicryl Specialist, 2016

With no formal education in the field of Art, I jumped into the Fevicryl Bandwagon in the year 2015. Being the youngest Art Instructor on board, I managed to handle the highest number of workshops in Karnataka and was subsequently promoted to the role of a Fevicryl Expert and then a Fevicryl Certified Specialist in a span of just 3 years.

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