We end up collecting so many boxes from all the products that get delivered home. Here's a photoframe that I made during the lockdown period, so that I can use it to save some memories!! Also, this is today's prompt at the HAPPYMOMENTZZ Blog Craft Challenge. I cut this box into 2 rectangles of the... Continue Reading →


It’s the end of another academic year and the end of a set of worn out shoes. But, here’s a quick activity of painting and beautifying shoes that kids will enjoy. This is again a DIY from my archives, I had designed this for Hobby Ideas when I was working with them. This is how... Continue Reading →


Bottles when painted and used as décor items, add a little charm to the corner where they are placed.Bottle Art is a vast subject and there are a lot of ways to decorate and paint these. TIPS FOR PAINTING ON BOTTLES: There are a couple of points one must keep in mind while painting on... Continue Reading →


Hello everyone!! The festive season is approaching and so I am here today with a tutorial of a quick DIY decorative box to pep up the festive mood. I have used simple techniques of Relief work and Gilding to decorate a wooden trinket box. Relief work involves creating an embossed design onto a surface using... Continue Reading →

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