Vaastu is a traditional science of architecture that has its roots in the ancient culture of India. Ancient Vaastu Shastra is a means of channelising positive energy that flows into a house to bring in good vibes and positivity in the overall atmosphere of a dwelling. A Seven Horses Painting is considered to be one... Continue Reading →


“A home runs on love, laughter and lots of strong coffee.” The smell of coffee reminds people of home!! Coffee art developed accidentally when an artist accidentally spilt coffee on his canvas. It was then that he realized that it would be a great medium to work with. A popular beverage with intoxicating aroma which... Continue Reading →

Mixed Media and Monsoons

Hello Everyone!! I am on a break from work and I have been taking it easy working indoors while its raining outside. What a weather to sit down and sip a hot coffee and work on things that I have always wanted to do!! I've organised my art and craft supplies and I thought of... Continue Reading →

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