Simple Decoupage on a Box

Because the best gifts are handmade ones and the best ones have beautiful packaging!Here’s how you can decoupage a wooden box to serve the purpose of an ornamental wedding gift box which can also be used as a jewelry box. The quickest and easiest way to Decoupage.. This is with a couple of tips and... Continue Reading →


Gilding which is a term for "Gold Leaf Decoupage" is the art of covering a specific area using specially designed Gold Leaves. Gilding is an age old process which adds a beautiful dimension to paintings, leather, sculptures, glass, metal, picture frames and much more. The imitation leaf comes in a variety of metallic colours like... Continue Reading →


Navrathri is a Indian Festival which Hindus celebrate to honour Goddess Durga who symbolizes Purity and Power. Navrathri or "Nine Nights" of festivities and celebrations involves a lot of prior preparation right from the decoration of the house, kitchen, food, clothing and celebrations. A lot of effort goes into gearing up for the big festival... Continue Reading →

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